Level 46 Demon

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Level 46 Demon

Post  Brumaster on Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:07 pm

Yo, my name is Brumaster0, i'd like to join your order. i was the only one even active in my old one and we were pretty far down in the ranks, only like 8000th in the holy war, and that's because i was the only one who bothered to participate. I'm leaving it when i find a new order, which kind of stings since i donated over 800k to the order, but...oh well. My decks are pretty good, using Dark General in my offensive deck, and Death in my Defensive deck, and soon i'll be able to add SS Luciella to both of them. I'm currently in a trading war for a Satan, but i won't hold my breath for that one. I'm active, playing the game whenever i think about it, which is usually all the time since there is a lot of downtime between stamina refills i just surf other peoples support page, answering things when i can and looking for things of intrest. Hit me up if you like me or want to talk. my E-Mail is brcstwrt88@live.com


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