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Request to join order

Post  Saber900 on Sat Jun 02, 2012 5:41 pm

Hi I'm Saber900 and I would very much love to join such a high ranking guild like this.

I am currently a level 50 man player and I just started like 2 weeks ago right in the middle of the dragon event. I apologize if my level is a bit low but I am very active and play this game everyone and that's how I was able to level so fast. I just finished 2nd year uni so I am currently on break and have tons of spare time on me to actively participate. At one point I set my alarm clock at night to go off every 2 hours when my stamina recharges so I get the most out of my stamina LOL. Of course I don't plan on hard coring like that anymore... but I still plan on remaining very active nonetheless. Also I have never been in a holy war before but I am a quick learner and always eager to learn. I was able to catch on to the dragon event after like the second day.

Anyways, I was very disappointing with my old guild because I just started playing this game and I outranked most of the other veteran members at 8 out of 30 in guild leaderborad. A third of them were also inactive so it was very disappointing for me.

My deck is currently 58990 attack and 59439 defense and I am working towards improving it. Currently trying to replace my kriemhild with either a berserker or a paladin hopefully before the war starts... I'll see how that goes.

Current deck stats:
[Cruel Oath] Kriemhild 9549 10857
[Hope] Princess Angel 9161 9161
[Dervish] Dancing Princess 14152 13770
[Demon Cannon] Master Gunner 15259 14876
[Dual Love] Guinevere 10869 10775

I heard people talking about wall breakers being useful so I went ahead and 6-6 max enhanced one. So I hope that would help out in the holy war.

I understand my level is a bit low and my attack isn't over 70k like the standard most people want but I am actively trying to improve me deck everyday. Thanks for your consideration.


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